Simotics Nema GP & SD ( 1LE2)

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Simotics Nema GP & SD ( 1LE2)

NEMA Premium General Purpose Motors

Siemens General Purpose motors are the optimum, highly versatile motor for your application. Our high performance Aluminum motor ( GP100A )design provides light weight and durability while our rugged Cast Iron motor ( GP100) assures reliability and long lasting performance. These motors significantly reduce operation costs and pay for themselves in a short time through energy savings.

General Purpose Motors - Technical Overview

Frame Size

140T - 400

Output Range

1 to 200 HP

Number of Poles



3-ph AC 208-230/460; 575 V


60 Hz, 50 Hz


Foot-Mount, D flange; C flange

Housing (TEFC)

Aluminum or Cast Iron


Die cast Copper or Aluminum


Severe Duty Motors – SD100

General Description

Siemens SD100 severe duty motors, it is a line of motors that offers the ultimate in rugged construction, cool operation, high performance and application flexibility. Based on 14 decades of Siemens motor design leadership, manufacturing expertise and application knowledge, combined with innovative and elegant new technologies, ensure maximum value to significantly reduce operating costs especially in chemical processing, mining, foundry, pulp and  paper, waste management and petro/chemical applications. All SD100 sever duty motor are available with a variety of QuikMOD modifications and kits.  Equipped with drive end and opposite drive end shaft V-ring slingers for added bearing protection, provisions for Inpro/seal® bearing isolators are standard on both ends.

Performance Specification

HP Range

1 - 400

Frame Size



Cast iron


NEMA Premium ®

NEMA Premium ® + (FS 140-250)





Service Factor



Class F

Temperature Rise

Class B @ 1.0SF,

Class F @ 1.15SF

Conduit Box (Oversized)

Cast iron

Fan Cover

Cast iron

Cooling Fan

Bi-directional - polypropylene

Bronze (S440)


Counter Clockwise (300-400HP s/4 Poles)


Die Cast Aluminum

Die Cast Copper (FS 140-250)


0.08 IPS

Inverter Duty

VT 20:1

CT 4:1

CT 10:1

Frame and End Shields

Cast iron construction for exceptional structural integrity & corrosion resistance, equipped with integrally cast feet. Condensation T-drains are provided. Lifting eyebolts are included with motors > 75 lbs. Cast iron construction, polycarbonate fan, zinc-plated hardware, epoxy enamel paint and stainless steel nameplate resist rust and corrosion.


Die cast copper rotor or die cast aluminum that meets or exceeds NEMA MG1 Table 12-12 efficiencies.

Each rotor assembly is dynamically balanced for extended bearing life, and includes a high strength carbon steel (C1045) shaft for maximum rotor performance.


This insulation system meets or exceeds NEMA MG1-2010, Part 31, making all motors suitable for operation with adjustable frequency drives. All windings are tested for CIV.

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