Simotics Nema Explosion XP100 ( 1MB2)

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Simotics Nema Explosion XP100 ( 1MB2)

NEMA Premium Explosion Proof Motors

Our rugged explosion-proof motors provide durable operation even under extreme conditions. Siemens XP100 explosion-proof motors are UL® listed and CSA certified for gas and dust ignition environments and suitable for Class I, Groups C&D, Class II, Groups F&G, Division 1 hazardous area classifications. Also available for drill rig duty: Class I, Group D, Division 1 hazardous locations.

Explosion Proof Motors - Technical Overview

Frame Size

140T – 440

Output Range

1 to 300 HP

Number of Poles



3-ph AC 208-230/460; 575 V


60 Hz, 50 Hz


Foot-Mount; C flange

Housing (TEFC)

Cast Iron


Die cast Aluminum


Explosion Proof Motors – XP100

General Description

Siemens explosion proof motors XP100 are ideal for the toughest and harshest operating environments. Petrochemical and chemical processing, mining, pulp/paper and waste management are some of the many applications where these motors have proven their performance.

XP100 motors are available with a wide variety of features, QuikMOD modifications and custom designs to meet your specific motor needs. Standard in their design, and clearly printed on the nameplate, these NEMA Premium® efficient motors can be operated with an adjustable speed drive, meeting or exceeding NEMA MG1 Part 30 and 31, and maintains its outstanding performance with a speed ratio capability of 20:1 variable torque and 4:1 constant torque for most ratings.

Performance Specification

HP Range

1 - 300

Frame Size

140 - 440


Cast iron


NEMA Premium ®


208-230/460 V




Hazardous Classification

Class I, Groups C&D, Class II Groups F&G, Division 1

Temperature Classification


Service Factor



Class F

Temperature Rise

Class B @ 1.0SF,

Class F @ 1.15SF

Conduit Box (Oversized)

Cast iron

Fan Cover

Cast iron

Cooling Fan

Bi-directional- Polypropylene


Die Cast Aluminum


0.08 IPS

Inverter Duty

VT 20:1

CT 4:1

Frame and End Shields

Cast iron frame and end shields for exceptional structural integrity, with UL approved condensation/breather drains on 404T – 449T frames. Lifting eyebolts are included for motors > 75 lbs.


A unique rotor design provides improved efficiency while larger bars and end rings reduce resistance for lower rotor losses. Each die cast aluminum rotor assembly is dynamically balanced for extended bearing life, and includes a high strength carbon steel (C1045) shaft for maximum rotor performance.


This insulation system meets or exceeds NEMA MG1-2010, Part 31, making all motors suitable for operation with adjustable frequency drives. All windings are tested for CIV.


The explosion -proof motors are used in the following sectors, pls select the correct motor accoding to Zone, Category & degree of protection:
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Production of mineral oil and gas
  • Gas works
  • Gas supply companies
  • Petrol stations
  • Coking plaints
  • Mills (eg. sugar, solids )
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Wood processing (eg. sawdust, tree resin )
  • others industries subject to explosion hazards

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